The Greeks: Civilization of Total BAs

History of Economic Thought Supplemental Material

"You're dodging spears from your men in front, from men in behind. You probably couldn't see or hear. All you would feel would be pressure. You wouldn't see the sword plunge that took one of your testicles off. You would not see the sword plunge that took your head off." Good stuff, good stuff.

"Pericles would now risk everything he and the Athenians had built in one great gamble--a war he hoped would make Athens the undisputed ruler of the Mediterranean. This conflict would indeed transform Athens, but in a way Pericles could never have imagined. It would make this man, a common Athenian named Socrates, into the ruler of an extraordinary new empire--an empire that remains the Greeks' last great legacy, an empire of the mind."  Ooh, very cool.

As soon as Clisthenes gained power he found that others were conspiring against him. Here, heroism still meant one thing: Seize power however, and whenever, you can. The only rule is you get what you can, and that you fight.