Now Has a Scheduling App for Your Convenience

Students are not "required" to meet one-on-one with meprior to Fall Break; however, any student who fails to do so could adversely affect my teaching prowess. You've witnessed ample evidence of my commitment to my work--I regard economics instruction to be my "calling." Do you really think it's a good idea to hinder me (veteran of 75th Ranger Regiment, back when that meant something) as I strive for teaching perfection? Goodness, what insanity might be unleashed upon undergraduates as they sleep? Who can guess what "the voices" might suggest?

Did you hear that? Just now, I distinctly heard someone (or some thing?) whisper:

"Where will you hide the bodies this semester?" 

Seriously folks, I highly encourage all students to visit the Economics page on's also a button on's Facebook page labeled "Book Now"--and schedule your one-on-one.

To date only 99 current students have beheld my spectacular office decor and its soul-soothing ambiance--fully half my students bodies stacked atop last year's crop would make an impressive mountain, to be sure! If half my students suddenly disappeared without a trace it might raise eyebrows, but without the bodies they couldn't prosecute. So...

If you doubt the value of this exercise then you didn't hear the sample of students who last week testified during class about potential rewards reaped from direct consultation with faculty. Or you're crazier than I am, which is effectively impossible. Are you the Red Dragon?

Midterm exam is scheduled for next week. I will post a study guide and a packet of exam questions culled from the nearly 600 questions submitted by you and your classmates thus far. Some of them are seriously, yet not surprisingly, impressive. Thanks and have a good week.