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Steps to Take When You’re Starting to Feel Burned Out

If you think you might be experiencing burnout, don’t ignore it; it won’t go away by itself. The consequences of burnout for individuals are grave, including coronary disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, depression, anxiety, increased alcohol and drug use, marital and family conflict, alienation, sense of futility, and diminished career prospects. The costs to employers include decreased performance, absenteeism, turnover, increased accident risk, lowered morale and commitment, cynicism, and reduced willingness to help others.

Tip 9: Avoid Traps

images wolf trap Wolf Trapping Study.jpg

Avoiding traps

is less costly than getting out of them.

It's easier and less costly to avoid a trap than to escape one. Some traps cost you money, others cost you time, relationships, and/or self-respect--some traps can steal years of our lives or connections of love and respect.

Maybe you've been drinking and become tempted to drive home. (I've heard rumors that some students consume alcohol. Hard to believe, but true.) Maybe you're out with a teammate whose car wreaks of "the reefer" and possibly he's driving dirty, dirty. (Getting into that car is the dumbest move possible. Every year I've seen at least one star athlete lose it all to the reefer trap.*  "But it's not mine! And it's not my car!" Doesn't matter. How can you not know that?)  *It happens at A-State every year. Multiple times last year. Ruined promising careers.  

Maybe you're out with "friends" and your "friend" won't drive you back to campus even though you've clearly indicated a desire to do so. Or maybe you're just stuck somewhere.

Don't mess around, sulk, take chances (on fools), or hope the trap the won't spring on you--nobody expects the trap to spring on them, until it does.

Avoid the trap.

Jonesboro now has Uber service. There are taxi services, too.  If neither option is available, then you can call or text me. (770) 280-7952.   24/7. 

Why me, your professor? First, why not me?

Second, because I'd rather we both feel a little embarrassed/awkward around each other for a few weeks than read your obituary, (or worse) discover you've dropped my class. I cannot teach the dead, or motivate students who've been kicked out for being in the same car with reefer, or inspire someone  suspended for DUI. And protecting people is what I do--if he won't take you home, call me.

I'll get you home safely.

No questions asked, no lectures.  Just a ride home. Oh, you'll owe me. Count on giving major time to some research project or university service or student-led organization. At the very least I'll make you study for your next exam right in front of me until I'm positive you'll earn a perfect score.

But you'll get home safely.  You are not alone.