Requesting a Letter of Recommendation from Thad Jackson:

1. At least one month prior to deadline send an email containing:

  • The recommendation letter deadline;
  • The precise title of the graduate school/award/scholarship for which you are seeking my recommendation;
  • A hyperlink to the target organization’s website; specifically, the webpage for the scholarship/award for which you’re seeking my recommendation;
  • Your first and last name as you wish it to appear on my letter;
  • Your major(s);
  • Brief reminder of how I know you, and the semester(s), course title(s), meeting time(s) of any courses;
  • Letter grade(s) for my courses and overall GPA;
  • The title and name of the letter recipient;
  • Recipient mailing address;
  • Delivery method for my letter, and a brief explanation if you prefer to deliver it yourself;
  • A complete, polished resume or CV;
  • Personal essay, statement of purpose, etc. to be included in your application packet;
  • GMAT/GRE/other test scores if applying for graduate school;
  • Bulleted list of your accomplishments, awards, positions, experiences, goals, interests that I can reference in my letter;
  • Your mobile number.

Example email:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am applying for admission to Harvard Business School’s MBA program. I excelled in both your Macronomics and History of Economic Thought courses, traveled with you and the economics club to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, and competed at the national PBL conferences in Anaheim and Baltimore. You can credibly attest to my past performance, potential, background, and other personal qualities relative to other well-qualified individuals. (Harvard requires that letters of recommendation highlight specific examples.)  HBS admission is highly competitive, but I’m confident that with your recommendation my chances for admission will improve greatly. Some details:

  • The recommendation letter deadline is 06 SEP 2017;
  • Harvard Business School MBA;
  • Here is a link to HBS admissions;
  • My name as it appears on the application is John T. Jackson;
  • I earned a B.S. in Finance, and an MSF;
  • Principles of Macroeconomics, Spring 2017 MW at 1PM, and History of Economic Thought Spring 2017 TR 9AM
  • I earned A’s in both courses, and my cumulative GPA is 3.4;
  • The Letter should be addressed to Chad Losee, Director of Admissions;
  • Mailing address:

MBA Admissions
Harvard Business School
Dillon House
Boston, MA 02163

  • When it's ready, I’ll pick up the letter in person, since Harvard requires letters to be mailed with the application packet,;
  • I have attached my resume and statement of purpose, in case you need them;
  • GMAT Overall: 770; 99th percentile in verbal, 98th in quantitative section; retake score: 700; ASVAB score: 99th percentile (perfect score, actually).
  • Four years experience in special ops teams of United States Army Special Operations Command (Airborne) (USASOC). Ten years teaching experience.
  • I can be reached at 7702807952 if you have any questions.

Listed below are details you may want to reference in your letter:

  • I have volunteered at Ronald McDonald House since 2012.
  • I am an adviser for PBL and Society of the Invisible Hand, an economics club.
  • I am the adviser for A-State’s chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, a national economics honor society.
  • Etc., etc.
  • The reason I want to attend HBS is….
  • I am motivated by….
  • After graduation from HBS I intend to…
  • Finally, list all accomplishments, activities, awards, etc., that support your application. It’s better to be one the safe side and provide too much info rather than too little.

If you have any reservations about writing a strong letter of recommendation on my behalf, then please let me know. Also, if you have any comments about my resume, statement of purpose, or my plans for graduate school, then I’d like to meet with you and hear any advice you have to share.

I will email you again one week from today to follow up and set an appointment.

Kindest regards,
Thad Jackson

2. Proofread your email before sending it, and make sure you include everything listed above. If you do not attach your resume or other required materials, or if you don't provide the information listed above, then I will refuse to write a recommendation letter for you. 

3. Your resume and supporting documents must reflect the highest quality. If I were to write a glowing rec letter that portrays you as an exceptional individual deserving of accolades and achievement, but your resume or other supporting documents reflected mediocrity, then my reputation could suffer. 

4. I'm always willing to help write resumes and essays. Come by my office with your resume ASAP and be prepared to spend an hour taking notes and at least two more hours revising your resume. 

5. I will send you a rough draft when it's ready. I expect you to proofread it. If you fail to find any errors or suggestions for improvement, then I will be disappointed. I'm an excellent writer, but excellence springs from humility--there's no such thing as perfect writing. Email your suggestions for edits and verify I've received them.

6. I will deliver the final draft to the recipient only when necessitated by procedure; otherwise, I will print the final draft on official letterhead and let you know it's ready for pick-up. I'll give you extra copies, just in case. As the deadline approaches you should not hesitate to email, call, or text me for whatever reason.